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Always Thankful for Specials at Hires Automotive Center in Fort Wayne, IN

Come to Hires Automotive Center: We’re Always Thankful For Specials

Discover why drivers are always thankful for service specials at Hires Automotive Center. For the residents of Fort Wayne, having a reliable vehicle isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. And ensuring the vehicle remains in peak condition is equally crucial. It’s here that Hires Automotive Center steps in, providing not just expert services but also specials that have the entire town talking – and for all the right reasons.

Let’s explore why we’re always thankful for these specials:

Substantial Savings:

While many automotive centers claim to offer discounts, few match the genuine value presented by Hires Automotive Center. Our specials touch upon a range of services, ensuring that drivers can enjoy the best rates without compromising on the quality of work.

Top-tier Craftsmanship:

Specials at Hires don’t mean a reduction in the quality of service. With a team of seasoned technicians, we treat every vehicle that rolls into the center with the utmost professionalism and expertise, regardless of the discounted rates.

No Hidden Surprises:

Transparency is the name of the game at Hires Automotive Center. Every special we advertise is clear in terms of its offerings. This straightforward approach has earned us the trust of countless Fort Wayne residents.

Building Community Connections:

Hires isn’t just another automotive center; it’s a part of the Fort Wayne community. Through our specials, we emphasize our commitment to the residents, ensuring everyone has access to top-quality automotive care without stressing over costs.

A Plethora of Services:

Whether your car needs a routine tune-up, an oil change, or a more in-depth repair job, there’s a high chance Hires Automotive Center has a special for it. Our diverse range of service specials caters to almost every automotive need.

In the heart of Fort Wayne, Hires Automotive Center stands as a beacon of reliability and value. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our ever-enticing specials, has made us a favorite among residents. It’s not just about the immediate savings; it’s about the long-term relationship we’ve built on trust, quality, and mutual respect. And for that unwavering commitment to the community and our clients, we remain forever thankful.


Learn more about service specials at Hire’s Automotive Center by calling (260) 489-5734. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and information. At Hires Automotive Center, we are always thankful for specials.