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Purchase brakes at Hires Automotive Center in Fort Wayne, IN. Having effective brakes on your vehicle will keep you and others safe. Please message us online or call (260) 489-5734, (260) 489-4480, (260) 484-0226 to see what we have in stock.

Get Unmatched Performance and
Reliability with Carquest Professional Platinum Brake Pads.

  • Leading number of friction formulas for maximum performance
  • Original equipment formulation offering
  • Burnishing compound for faster break-in of pads and rotors
  • 4-layer shim, engineered to eliminate noise and prevent shim wear
  • PTFE-coated hardware included for nearly every application — eliminates rust and corrosion buildup. This hardware reduces drag and provides increased durability and noise reduction.

See How Carquest Professional
Platinum Brakes are Made And Tested

Truck / SUV Line

Our truck/SUV line features all of the benefits of Carquest Professional Platinum brake pads. It provides coverage for an extensive list of truck and SUV applications. The program’s formulations offer superior performance, with leading stopping power and quiet performance.


Our Euro-Line features all of the benefits of Carquest Professional Platinum brake pads. This line comes with a specific design to meet European import needs. The Euro-Line uses ceramic and semi-metallic friction for superior performance. It also includes wear sensors for nearly all applications that require replacement.

  • Carquest Professional Platinum brake pads are continually vehicle-tested and evaluated in variable environments to ensure industry-leading performance.

  • Tested and engineered brake pads offer superior formulations for longer pad life, improved stopping performance, cleaner wheels, and quieter braking.

Carquest Premium Gold Brake Pads

Carquest Premium Gold provides the level of quality and safety that you and your customers depend on. Quality vendor partners with strong OEM and OES heritage manufacture Carquest Premium Gold Brake Pads. These partners include OEM businesses in the U.S., Europe, and South Korea, and OES businesses in the U.S. and Europe.

Friction Formula — Meets or exceeds OE style performance for shorter stopping distances and extended life.

Friction Choice — Ceramic and/or semi-metallic formulations to match OE offering for clean and confident braking

Slots / Chamfers — OE designed slots and chamfers for consistent performance

Carquest Platinum Rotors

Carquest Platinum Rotors feature RotorShield™, an advanced rust-inhibiting barrier for long-lasting protection and like-new appearance.

RotorShield™ Rust Inhibiting Barrier — Provides up to five times more protection than standard non-painted rotors.

Engineered for Performance — Withstands 120 hours of salt spray testing. Available for late model applications (primarily 2013 model year and newer). Designed for open wheels.

Meets or Exceeds OE Design — For superior stopping power.

OE Vane Size — Improves cooling, eliminates brake noise, and enhances pedal feel.

Air Gap Matches OE Specs — Properly dissipates and absorbs heat, helping eliminate brake fade and increase pad life.

Non-Directional Finish — Decreases break-in time.

Carquest Premium Brake Calipers

Engineered to fit and perform like original equipment for worry-free operation, with a premium protective coating *where applicable. Calipers include all required hardware for installation.

  • Coating is salt-spray tested for 72 hours of continuous exposure without corrosion
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • 100 percent end-of-line tested for worry-free performance OE grade replacement components for long service life
  • OE grade replacement components for long service life
  • Engineered to improve durability and extend the service life
  • OE grade pad hardware included for proper pad installation and operation
  • New, OE size bleeders, banjo bolts, crush washers, and installation hardware.
  • EPDM rubber components provide increased resistance to thermal deterioration.
  • OE-style zinc-dichromate coating provides unmatched protection from the elements
  • All parking brake springs, levers, and hardware included where required.
  • Plastic inserts chase and protect all threaded ports
  • Application-specific brackets included where applicable.

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