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When you need services for brake systems in Fort Wayne, IN, call Hires Automotive Center. If your brakes squeal or grind, grab causing jerky stops, or your warning light flashes, it may be time for a free brake system inspection. Faulty brakes can cause longer stopping distances as well as difficulty in stopping in an emergency situation. For the best in brake safety and value, stop into Hires today. Hires always has a Brake Bundle Special for you, your car, and your pocketbook.

Hires only installs the finest brake components available. We feature Carquest Professional Platinum Brake Pads and Rotors; Our brake pads offer original equipment formulation and are PTFE coated to resist rust and corrosion. Our brake rotors meet or exceed OEM design and feature Rotor Shield which provides up to 5 times more protection than standard rotors. Call Hires North at (260) 489-5734 or Hires South at (260) 447-4023 or message us online for the following services:

A metallic grinding sound indicates worn-out brake pads. Continued driving with this condition is dangerous and can cause further damage.

A high-pitch squealing noise can be heard at slow speed without brake pedal contact. This issue means that the brake pads have reached the recommended wear replacement. There is a warning tab manufactured on the pad that rubs against the rotor to alert you. The noise usually goes away once we actuate the brake pedal.

Low or Fading Brake Pedal:
Do you pump your brakes to stop? Does the pedal sink to the floor when stopped at a light? Air could be in the brake lines, or the master cylinder leaks internally. Any of these symptoms can be dangerous.

Pulling to One Side or Brake Drag:
Caliper slides or pistons usually cause this condition. The stuck caliper will not apply the same pressure as the other. Correcting this condition early on can save rotors from damage.

Brake Warning Light:
The red warning light could indicate an imbalance in the system. An amber warning light could indicate a problem with the ABS system.

Remember to have your brakes checked any time you notice any of these conditions. At Hires Automotive Center, we have the expertise and the proper diagnostic equipment to keep you and your family safe.

Why Inspect Brakes?

Do you hear your car squeal with pain when you apply your brakes? It is important to investigate a squealing or grinding noise immediately. Brake performance has improved in recent years, but drivers do not regularly check a large percentage of vehicles’ brakes.

Brake work performed before you hear those squeals of pain can save you many dollars in repairs. Worn brake pads that begin to contact metal to metal can ruin your rotors. They can also ruin your drums and add those extra dollars in brake system overhaul.

Hires Automotive Center technicians inspect your brakes. At least once a year, you should pull the wheels to inspect components that you cannot usually see.

What We Inspect:

  • Rotors
  • Calipers
  • Brake Lines
  • Hoses

Evaluate the condition of the brake fluid. If the brake fluid absorbs moisture, it will become acidic. This can lead to the deterioration of seals and damage to ABS modules on vehicles equipped with anti-lock brakes.

Inspect for leaks at the master cylinder, lines, fittings, hoses, modules, and junction blocks. Check emergency brake adjustment.

Need to Replace Your Brakes?
Learn the Benefits of a Brake Inspection:

  • Ensure the safety of you and your family.
  • Find any problems before they become expensive to repair.
  • Prevent the possibility of brake failure.

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