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Undercar is on the move at Hires. Our enhanced lineup of brakes, chassis, shocks, driveline, bearings, and exhaust, installed by expert technicians, will keep you and your car on the move. In an ideal world, we would be driving on brand new roads all of the time, but the reality is, our roads are uneven and filled with bumps and potholes. We also have to maneuver around road debris and other obstacles.

If it was not for a vehicle’s suspension and steering systems, the driving experience would be uncomfortable and somewhat dangerous. The suspension system absorbs shock and vibration as the vehicle moves over road surfaces, while the steering system helps you steer and maintain control over the vehicle. If your vehicle is swaying around corners, bouncing over bumps, or making some strange noises, then drive into Hires or call Hires North at (260) 489-5734 or Hires South at (260) 447-4023 to schedule an appointment.

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