Check Your Engines, Drivers

Ensure Your Vehicle’s Safety with Engine and Driver Checks

When it comes to the safety and performance of your vehicle, regular maintenance is key. At Hires Automotive Center in Fort Wayne, IN, we understand the importance of thorough inspections, and that’s why we offer comprehensive engine and driver checks to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.


The Heart of Your Vehicle – Engine Check

Your vehicle’s engine is its beating heart, and any issues with it can lead to costly repairs and safety concerns. At Hires Automotive Center, our skilled technicians are experts in engine diagnostics. We use state-of-the-art equipment to assess your engine’s health, identifying any potential problems before they become major issues.


Regular Engine Checks at Hires Automotive Center Include:

Visual Inspection: We examine the engine components for signs of wear, leaks, or damage.


Computer Diagnostics: Our advanced diagnostic tools help us pinpoint any electronic or sensor-related issues.


Fluid Analysis: We check the levels and condition of essential fluids like oil, coolant, and transmission fluid.


Performance Testing: We ensure your engine is running efficiently by testing its power and fuel efficiency.


By addressing engine issues promptly, you can avoid breakdowns and enjoy a safer and more reliable driving experience.


Putting Safety First – Driver Check

While your vehicle’s engine is vital, the person behind the wheel is equally important. At Hires Automotive Center, we offer driver checks to assess your readiness for the road. Our driver check services include:


Brake Inspection: We examine your vehicle’s braking system to ensure it’s in optimal condition for safe stopping.


Tire Inspection: We assess tire tread depth and condition, as well as proper tire inflation for better grip and stability.


Steering and Suspension: We check for any issues that may affect your vehicle’s handling and stability.


Lighting and Signals: We ensure all your lights and signals are working correctly to enhance visibility and safety on the road.


By addressing both your vehicle’s engine and driver-related concerns, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your vehicle are prepared for any journey.


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